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Climate change: The false balance of voices in the media

Throughout the course of the Media and Communications component of my degree, it has come to my attention that the media is.. shock horror.. not as reliable, honest and unbiased as we (members of society and the public) want it … Continue reading

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The media & its influences: moral panics, social anxieties & audience regulation.

I have brushed over topics similar to this one in some of my previous blog posts last semester for BCM110. I┬ádiscussed topics such as Miley Cyrus and the social anxieties surrounding her sexualisation in the media, and the image this … Continue reading

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Audiences: Power, Access & Participation~ Spotify

The way in which we consume our media today, in particular our music, has come along way. It has essentially evolved from being a monologic media, to a diologic media. Monologic media is where communication is only one way- from … Continue reading

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