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Miley, Oh Miley.

Who better is there to discuss in relation to the media? She relates perfectly to the BCM110 content from the last few weeks, including the media effects model, cultivation theory, the public sphere, moral panics in individuals, as well as … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad & the Mediated Public Sphere

The public sphere is known as a metaphor for thinking about how individual human beings come together to exchange ideas, information and feelings (Mckee 2005). There’s always some sort of debate going on within it, as there’s constantly new media … Continue reading

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Who controls our media & why does this matter?

Our media in Australia is owned by only a small group of very powerful people, some who have shown to have questionable ideologies, morals and opinions. When you think about it, the whole picture is a little bit messed up. … Continue reading

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Pamela’s Controversial Protest on the Meat Industry

PETA is known for its controversial advertisements and protests against animal cruelty. However, this one is amongst one of the most famous. It operated as a sign, containing many signifiers: Pamela Anderson: babe, only wearing a bikini, suggestive face, suggestive … Continue reading

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What is Wrong with the Media Effects Model?

The media effects model (MEM)- defined as ‘the belief that the media and in particular television can effect the beliefs and behaviour of the audience, usually for the worse.’ It really depends on the way you look at this. My … Continue reading

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I Am Lost…

Gettin’ my blog on is something I hold close to my heart, my Tumblr is like my baby. I am quite familiar with using online blogs… for things other than uni. As in, ooh fashion *reblog*, ooh delicious looking food … Continue reading

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