MEDA101 Sound Project

I designed my sound clip to be slightly  kaleidoscopic, with different aspects for the listener to consider. This jumbled concoction of sound conveys the idea of authority being everywhere around us. We cannot control it, nor escape it. A clip from one of Hitlers infamous speeches, which translates to ‘you mustn’t act yourself, you must obey, you must give in’, is juxtaposed with sounds I am used to hearing, as are most university students. The sound of an (anonymous) lecturer’s voice is used to highlight the institutionalised nature of university, along with the sounds of robot voices, money, eftpos machines, and breathing highlighting the restricted nature of life itself. The contrast between all of these featured sounds makes the listener compare the authorities we experience today to those dystopian authorities of the past, causing the listener to question just how restricted we are in how we live our lives. 

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