American remakes of British TV shows… No.

If theres one thing I know, it’s the fact that Americans generally make British TV shows shit. I don’t know what it is… American TV shows in general (Friends, The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother, The Walking Dead) are awesome. However, every time they try to remake a show that was originally made for/by the Brits, they have a bad habit of making it dreadful! Perfect examples for this is Skins, The Inbetweeners (both cancelled after one series), The IT Crowd (cancelled after one episode), The Office, and Sherlock Holmes (remade into elementary).

So, why is this? It’s no doubt that Americans have the ability to make awesome shows… so why doesn’t this extend to their remakes? For me, it is because of the extent that the ‘remake’ goes to. There is a difference between a direct copy of, e.g. skins- same plot line and almost the same dialogue with different settings and actors, which is extremely boring if you’ve already seen the British version, and remaking something with a little bit of customisation, e.g. sherlock holmes into elementary and The office. These 2 have a slightly different plot line, different humour, and different styles, therefor they translate to their different audience much much better in comparison. However, they are still not the best. Maybe I’m just not a huge fan of using somebody else’s idea, I never have been. In terms of any media: movies, music, and TV shows alike, I feel as though the originals should stay the originals and people should make their own media instead of using other people’s (with the exceptions of some musical covers- they have potential to be awesome).

So, in conclusion, Americans should stop trying to remake British TV shows and stick to making their own.

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