Misogyny Online

“Misogyny was strict hatred of women and it probably does need a second definition to cover entrenched prejudices of women, as opposed to an out and out fundamental horror at women”- Macquarie Dictionary (2013)- dictionary editor Sue Butler- referred to by Tanja Dreher in BCM112 week 10 lecture notes

The gap between males and females online doesn’t come as a surprise to me at all. From ancient times women have been seen as ‘less’ than men. However when will this stop? Why has the gap not closed yet? Some will argue that this idea is a word of a lie, however these people have obviously not done their research.

Women everyday face the consequences of this gender gap, not only in the forms of unequal job opportunities which are stereotypically targeted at men, but also the fear of online abuse by men. I am forced to ask, why is this ancient idea towards women still existent? Is there not enough awareness?


Tanja brought up in the lecture the feminist motivations of the twitter hashtag #mencallmethings, as well as wikistorming (click the links for more information).  For me, my little twitter sphere and online existence is quite relevant to this topic. I follow a few feminists on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, and am quite interested in seeing this fighting back against misogyny both online and otherwise.

The ‘riot grrrl’ or just ‘grrrl’ movement has recently become quite apparent to me. This is a ‘punk’ feminist movement which began in the 90’s which supports gender equality and body loving. This movement is still existent and working today. The group who supports this who I follow most online is the #SydGC, or Sydney Girls Club. I feel as though movements like this are effective, although only if you want to see it. I discuss this in my previous blog post here. We still have a very long way to go, however one day I do believe there will be gender equality, both online and otherwise.


Reference List:

Dreher, T 2014, BMC112 Identity and difference online, 2014 lecture notes 13 May, University of Wollongong, Autumn semester, 2014

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